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Composite-Clamp™ seals leaks under pressure to 250 psi (17.2bar). Made with powder coated carbon steel and supplied with an internal rubber patch for easy sealing, this leak-sealing clamp is 3.5 in. wide and is available in lengths designed for pipe diameters ranging from 2 in. through 8-in. Designed-in flexibility allows several clamps to be linked to form a clamp for pipe diameters up to 24 in.

Sold in a complete ready-to-use kit, this leak repair solution can be used as an emergency stopgap or can be overlaid with a CSNRI composite to function as a complete repair system. All the products in the kit are simple to install and require no special tools, so installation can be carried out in house or by a contractor. The rubber gasket can be changed out with different rubber types depending on the leak seal need.

The kit contains three 2-in., 3-in., 4-in., 6-in., and 8-in.clamps that can be linked together for use on pipes up to 24 in. diameter following simple guidelines included.



  • Available in a kit that can be stored on site for emergency application
  •  5 clamp sizes for up to 24-inch pipe
  • Ductile and conformable steel
  • Seals leaks up to 250 psi (17.2 bar) live pressure
  •  Low profile for simplified composite overwrap


  • Fast repair
  • Flexible design fits pipes to 24-inch diameter
  •  No special tools to install
  •  Can be installed by facility employees
  • No hot work
  • No shutdown required
  • Can be over-wrapped with composite for longer-lasting repair


  • Leak sealing
  • Ideal for use with CSNRI engineered composite repair systems

Composite-Clamp™ is a trademark of CSC Operating Company, LLC.

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