Leak Stopper™

Cena: Zapraszamy do kontaktu z biurem


Leak Stopper™ works fast! It is designed for quick and safe, temporary leak containment, with an optimized strapping method that achieves efficient and secure composite placement using embedded, raised teeth that are part of the band.

Using a low-profile buckle makes executing composite repairs less awkward and time-consuming than alternative methods and produces a tapered edge only 1 inch thick.

Tested and validated product performance guarantees dependable results. Conditioned samples of the band have been verified by third-party labs to have limited creep and high break strength values, giving confidence that a Leak Stopper™ repair is a reliable repair.


  • Available in a kit that can be stored on site for
    emergency application
  • Teeth designed into the tightening band simplify and expedite safe installation
  • Additional bands interconnect for pipes larger than 16” diameter
  • Third-party verification of materials performance in aged samples
  • Certified SGS tensile strength certificate


  • Rapid repair process prevents environmental exposure to hydrocarbons within seconds
  • Teeth designed into the tightening band improve strength, safety, and repair speed
  • Low-profile repair enables composite overwrap application
  • Not diameter specific – The band can be used for various pipe diameters

Leak Stopper™ is a trademark of CSC Operating Company, LLC.

technical data sheet

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