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DiamondWrap® is an engineered, field-saturated repair system made of proprietary carbon fiber cloth applied with a two-part epoxy and a high-modulus filler material. It functions as a pressure-containing repair to seal leaks and as a reinforcing repair to restore original pipe strength in both the hoop and axial directions.

DiamondWrap® is used regularly in plants, refineries, tank farms, terminals, and offshore locations around the globe and is ideal or complicated geometry, such as tees, flanges, and varying diameter pipe. It is available in multiple kit sizes for any temperature and diameter pipe and can be installed with minimal disruption to operations.

DiamondWrap® includes:

  • DiamondWrap – operates up to 200oF (93oC)
  • DiamondWrap MT – operates up to 313oF (156oC)
  • DiamondWrap HT – operates up to 430oF (221oC)
  • DiamondWrap UHT (pre-impregnated) – operates up to 715oF (380oC)

Diamond Wrap® is a register trademark of CSC Operating Company, LLC.

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