Steel Warp E

Cena: Zapraszamy do kontaktu z biurem

Noncorroding with no ” heat – affected ” zones

Suer strong  composite created at  room  temperature on-site with no  vacuums,  high  temperatures  ormolds necessary.


The Steel Wrap  composite repair system is comprised of a unique , uni-directionnal carbon fiber fabric, saturated with Steel- Wrap Epoxy ,  as a primer system.

Typical  applications:

  • deficiences including dents, gouges , wrinkle bends and cracks
  • deterioration and damages including CUI, metal loss, pitting  and cracking
  • regulatory  changes including classification factor changes road crossing reinforcement,  casing alternative
  • structual steel applications including steel member reinforcement , steel  plate repair   for tanks ,  decks , hulls, stiffening / load capacity increase weight reduction


  • stiffer and stonger han steel
  • no post-curing necessary
  • stronger physical properties than steel – lower design thickness
  • highest strain reduction available

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