We are happy to announce that we signed an exclusive contract with CSNRI in October 2022 for polish market. 

GRC has been a distributor of a manufacturer of non-metallic repair solutions based on composites since 2016, but this year we received an agreement as the sole representative and distributor, which means that we are the only one to offer these products directly from the American manufacturer.

There are over 24 basic products, but CSNRI is not only a producer of composites alone.

We pay close attention to the type of damage, the depth of corrosion or the type of leak. The appropriate use of the composite depends not only on the defect in the pipeline, but also on the type of medium flowing in them, temperature, environmental conditions, and intended use. Based on this information, we are looking for the optimal solution, sometimes combining two composite repair systems to achieve an even better effect and durability of the repair.

Due to the fact that Poland now pays special attention to the availability of gas or oil transmission installations and pipelines, we believe that composite repairs will reduce the repair time of maintenance services and will be durable and reliable for end user.