Emergency Pipe Repair Kit (EPRK)

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Syntho-Steel™ is a two-part, steel reinforced epoxy putty. It cures in minutes and can repair most anything made of metal, masonry, wood, ceramic, glass and plastics. Syntho-Steel™ contains no solvents, is non-toxic and easily prepares for application. Unlike liquid epoxies, Syntho-Steel™ will not drip or sag and will set on wet surfaces. NSF 61 and BS6920 approved for use with potable water. When fully cured the material produces a durable, resilient bond resistant to hydrocarbons, ketones, alcohols, esters, halocarbons, aqueous salt solutions and dilute acids and bases.


EPRK is ideal for short-term, temporary repairs in refinery, irrigation, mining and processing plant applications in pressures up to 300 psi. The all-inclusive emergency response kit uses a high-strength outer wrap to extend repair life for 1- to 12-inch pipes.



  • Refineries
  • Processing Plants
  • Mining
  • Irrigation


  • Comes in a prepackaged kit that stores easily
  • Versatile system that is safe for potable water and resistant to harsh chemicals
  • Installs in 30 minutes providing rapid response with minimal downtime
  • Extends service life of assets

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