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The SplashGard system is specifically designed for use in wet or submerged conditions, which means it is suitable for underwater repairs. SplashGard is ideal for structural reinforcement on offshore risers because of its dual-component specialized coating, SplashBond™ adhesive and Splash Wrap, a fiberglass cloth impregnated with moisture-cured urethane (MCU) resin.


SplashGard I

  • Repair Use: Protective Coating
  • Material: Knitted fiberglass
  • Set Time: 5 minutes

SplashGard II

  • Repair Use: Structural rehabilitation
  • Material: Woven fiberglass
  • Set Time: 2 hours

SplashGard III

  • Repair Use: Severe structural rehabilitation
  • Material: Woven carbon fiber
  • Set Time: 2 hours


  • Offshore risers
  • Corrosion and wave action

SplashGard™ is a trademark of CSC Operating Company, LLC

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